Dylan Wiliam


Dulwich College


5th June 2019

Additional information:

Dulwich College is hosting an event with Dylan Wiliam on 5 June 2019 4.30-6.30.

Tickets will be charged to contribute towards costs but there will be an Early Bird (pre-January) price of £29 per teacher for SSLP members with a cap on 12 attendees per school.

From January the price of tickets will increase to £34 but so will the available number of places per school – on a first come, first served basis. Schools will be able to purchase tickets in both price brackets but note that tickets are non-refundable.

As your school will be invoiced for these tickets it is important that all bookings come through SSLP Link Teachers (booking information will be sent to them). Tickets will be transferable. Please discuss with your head teacher whether you would like to take advantage of this Early Bird offer as it is expected to be a popular event.

The session description is below:

Why formative assessment (still) needs to be a priority for every teacher, school and college.
Minute-by-minute and day-to-day adjustments to teaching remains the most promising way of substantially improving student achievement. This interactive session will present the latest findings on formative assessment, and in particular how schools can support others in developing their practice of this crucial aspect of their work.

Please email Patrick Whibley whibleypj@dulwich.org.uk for more information.

Free tickets will be available to SSLP teachers who participate in all aspects of the SSLP Professional Learning Trio. Registration for this event is open now via EventBrite using code SSLP2018. The first of the Trio is on Wednesday 28th November, 4:30-6pm and will be begin with a talk from David Didau.