Language Gym


St Thomas Apostle College


15th July 2019

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Language Gym
Monday 15th July, 9am-4pm

Dr Gianfranco Conti comes so well recommended by STAC teachers that they have organised for him to come and speak in London.

An applied linguistics MA and PhD graduate Gianfranco Conti has been teaching MFL for over 25 years at primary, secondary and university levels. Formerly head of languages, he was until a few months ago a French and Spanish teacher at an international school in South-East Asia. Dr Conti is a renowned conference speaker and CPD provider. He is well-known internationally for his teaching resources that have won him the TES Best contributor award and have been downloaded over 3,500,000 time by over 100,000 teachers around the world.

Workshop 1 – Listening skills instruction: teaching listening bottom-up

Workshop 2 – Strategies for maximising and optimising the use of curriculum time by working with human forgetting rates

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