Outward Bound Canada 2019 Bursaries




30th August 2019

Additional information:

The SSLP is delighted to announce that THREE Stuart Horne Bursaries are being made available to our students for 2019.

The Stuart Horne Bursary has a mission to provide economic assistance and an array of educational and adventurous experiences across Canada to teenagers and young adults from the UK who may never have before had either the option or the chance to participate in such an amazing opportunity. Currently the program offers the opportunity to join outdoor leadership and wilderness programs across Canada. The aim is to provide transformational experiences by taking recipients out of their normal, routine environment, and supporting them in a space where they can engage with nature, face impactful challenges, and work in a team environment.

Bursaries are awarded to students who have been identified as being those who would benefit most; those who have the potential to succeed but not the means to participate in such an experience on their own. www.outwardbound.ca

The Application Process

1 – Schools agreeing to the reporting requirements in Stuart Horne Bursary – Info for Support Organizations v.2019 may promote this opportunity within their own school.
2 – Candidates who meet the criteria below should write a maximum of 500 words about the transformation that this course will offer them, and what they will give back on their return.
3 – The application should be submitted to a named person in the candidate’s home school for selection.
4 – Each SSLP school may submit a maximum of TWO candidates for final selection, confirming that applicants meet the criteria.
5 – All final applications must be received by k.barretta@sslp.education by 12 noon on 4th March 2019.
6 – An SSLP panel will select a shortlist of candidates to be interviewed during March.
7 – Following interview the SSLP panel will make the final selection of three SSLP students to receive Stuart Horne Bursaries.


Appropriate candidates should:
• Be between age 16 and 18 as of August 31, 2019
• Be from an underprivileged background, for whom this sort of experience would have been impossible to imagine. Students should be from families who are able to claim for free school meals either currently or in the past. Students may already have experience with adversity or challenging life situations.
• Fit the profile of “emerging leader” in their school and/or community. Though, students may not currently stand out amongst the crowd in terms of formal leadership or academics.
• Be recommended by a counsellor/teacher/leader/administrator in their school/ community.
• Commit to follow up and “giving back”, either to your school / organisation, their community, to Outward Bound Canada, or to a cause/initiative aligned with the aims and objectives of your school / organisation, Outward Bound Canada and the Stuart Horne Bursary.
• Have a demonstrated desire to travel independently and attend an Outward Bound Canada expedition.

This includes:
• A desire to boost their self-confidence and personal and practical skills.
• A positive attitude, an open mind, and willingness to step outside of their daily comfort zone into discomfort and challenge.
• A fit lifestyle highly recommended.
• Willingness to meet new people, outside of their usual social group.
• Willingness to take responsibility for their own safety and decision making.
• An appetite for adventure, fun and challenge!

All trips will take place during the summer holidays 2019. Any unavailable dates should be submitted alongside the application.

1. Rocky Mountain Discovery – Backpacking– Website Link 
August 4 – 24, 2019 (Travelling August 3 / August 25)
2. West Coast Discovery – Sea Kayaking – Website Link
August 5 – 25, 2019 (Travelling August 4 / August 26)
3. Bay of Fundy Discovery – Sea Kayaking & Backpacking – Website Link 
August 10 – 30, 2019 (Travelling August 9 / August 31)