GCSE MFL Networking Meeting


Ark Putney


25th March 2019

Additional information:

GCSE MFL Networking Meeting
Monday 25th March, 4-6pm
Ark Putney, SW15

If you are teaching MFL at GCSE then you are invited to attend a FREE Spring Term network meeting organised by Pearson. 

This network is available to ALL South London schools and the session is not exam board specific.

You are asked to book as soon as possible using the link below as places are limited. https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/support/training-from-pearson-uk.html#step3 (when you click the link you will be taken to their training pages, choose Modern Foreign Languages and scroll down to find the network in SW15 on 25th March.)

This free GCSE MFL network meeting will give teachers the opportunity to consider ways of developing and supporting comprehension skills, with a focus on inference.

In this interactive session, teachers will consider:

  • what inference is
  • why inference is tested in the reformed GCSE MFL qualifications
  • where and how inference is tested
  • teaching and learning activities to help students develop the skill of inference.

Teachers will be able to take away a teaching PowerPoint with accompanying teacher guide to support the development of inference in the classroom.