SSLP Professional Learning Trio


Dulwich College


28th November 2018

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The Concept
Professional development programmes that are either one-off entities, or never-ending processes can pay little attention to the motivations and rhythms of classroom teachers. With this trio of events – with an optional bonus event of high promise – we have a clear end point in mind: the collaborative sharing of experiences with a common goal.

That goal will itself be set out by the imaginative, witty and often controversial David Didau in Part 1, while the relationships and experiences that are to be celebrated in the third and final event hold boundless potential for SSLP partner schools.

For professional development to be of value, for it to offer some promise of improved method, it must necessarily be disruptive. This trio of short events offers an unapologetic break to your routine, a space in which to reflect, discuss and re-enthuse about the value of teaching and the mysteries of learning.

The Timeline

Teachers from across the SSLP are invited to join together for an extended Pedagogy collaboration.

Wednesday 28th November, 4:30-6pm Dulwich College
We will begin with a session led by David Didau, author of the forthcoming Making Kids Cleverer. David will present ‘three theories for improved classroom practice.’  We will have a chance to discuss these theories together before returning to our own schools where we will individually take any of the three theories and explore their application and relevance.

Wednesday 30th January, 4:30-6pm Venue TBC
At the second session we will reflect on how we have used and learnt from the techniques as participants will share their experiences with a 4-5 minute presentation to the group. We can discuss what worked and what didn’t. These presentations will be the platform for invitations and visits between schools.

Between our second and third meetings participants will visit partner schools, in view of the short presentations, to see examples in practice.

Wednesday 27th March, 4:30-6pm Venue TBC
At our third and final meeting participants will share experiences of their visits to partner schools with a 4-5 minute presentation to the group.

We hope to announce a special guest and further unique opportunities for teachers involved in this collaborative learning experience.

Please contact Katie Barretta at or Patrick Whibley at with any queries.

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Bonus Event
Wednesday 5th June, 4:30-6pm Dulwich College

Participants who have attended all three parts of the Professional Learning Trio and made/hosted a visit will be offered complementary tickets to “Dylan Wiliam presents”: an exclusive event in June.

“Why formative assessment is (still) a priority for teachers, schools and colleges: presenting the latest evidence which reaffirms that minute-by-minute and day-by-day adjustments to teaching represent the most significant impact for learners.”