Real Lives 2019


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19th June 2019

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Chartered Institute of Linguists Real Lives Examination
Wednesday 19 June 2019 at 2.30 pm.

Year 10 MFL – 250 free places for state school pupils to sit the Chartered Institute of Linguists Real Lives Examination this summer.

The Real Lives examination is suitable for Year 10 pupils who will go on to sit a MFL GCSE in the summer of Year 11. It is a multiple choice listening comprehension based on exciting ‘real life’ situations. Last year in the first task candidates were asked to give details of a Mayday call sent out by a sinking ship. This included the number of crew on board, coordinates of the sinking vessel, etc. Pupils find the situations of interest – and are reassured by the multiple choice format – and the fact that no revision is possible(!). Teachers can use the exam as a diagnostic to gauge GCSE performance. The expectation is that a pass in Year 10 will become a Grade 4 or better in the following year. Only strong candidates will secure a Merit or Distinction.

Real Lives is offered in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, EAL and Welsh

Sample papers can be found here:

Schools may be interested to know there will be a trial video exam this summer – a sample can be seen here

For further details, please contact Nick Mair