RS A-Level Conference


Dulwich College


28th June 2019

Additional information:

RS A Level Conference
Wednesday, 9th October, 4:30 – 7:40pm

As a result of recent changes to the RS A level specification, combined with universities now requiring only three  subjects to be studied at KS5, Religion and Theology departments are finding it difficult to convert the early enthusiasm of pupils and parents in to increase numbers at A level.

Is your experience the same? If so, here’s an idea about an initiative that could help!

Early in the Autumn term (before competition for subject choices begins), Dulwich College is hosting an inaugural Year 11: Considering Studying Religious Studies at A level and Beyond Conference to be held on Wednesday, 9th October.

This conference is free to all teachers and pupils attending.

 Conference Overview: Year 11 Thinking About Studying RS at A level?

  • 4.30: arrive: coffee and tea
  • 5.00-5.30: Key note address: Mr. Sam Winders.  Sam read Theology at Durham, works in the City, and genuinely respects Theology
  • 5.35-6.15: Two A level topic taster sessions (pupils’ choice) – approx. two 15 minute periods?
  • 6.20-7.05: Dr. Daniel Nilsson DeHanas [King’s College London]. Talk/question and answer session
  • 7.10-7.40: refreshments: Year 11 pupils meet and talk to RS/Philosophy graduates and/or Year 13 pupils who have or are studying either A level RS/Philosophy
  • 7.40: departure

To minimise disruption to lessons the conference will begin later in the afternoon with coffee and tea (and biscuits!) available from 4.30. Pupils will hear a keynote speaker, Mr. Sam Winders, who will be talking about RS/Philosophy related themes before choosing from (in advance) two A level taster sessions. Next, Dr. Daniel Nilsson DeHanas from King’s will address pupils and talk about studying the subject beyond A level, discussing career paths and opportunities, etc. followed by a question and answer session.

Finally, over refreshments, a number of past students who have either studied (or who are currently studying) A level Religious Studies and who have read Theology/Religious Studies/Philosophy at university will join. 

Proposed A level Taster Sessions:

  • A real life case of cannibalism, consequentialist versus categorical thinking.
  • Augustine’s Confessions: The journey of a restless heart.
  • On Liberty [JS Mill] and the question of whether Liberalism requires us to tolerate intolerance. 
  • To what extent is Aquinas’ Natural Law teaching on sexual ethics redundant?
  • God as female.
  • God and the Holocaust.

If you are attending and would like to offer a taster session as well – that would be great!  Please let the organisers know.

Teachers and Year 11 students who might be thinking about taking the subject at A level and/or ex-students living in London who might like to support are all welcome to attend.  Please encourage upper sixth students to attend as well to help Year 11 meet and be inspired by students who currently enjoy studying the subject beyond GCSE. 

If you would like to attend, please let Jon Fox (Head of Religious Studies and Philosophy) know (by Friday, 28th June) how many teachers and pupils you think you might like to bring.