Street Photography Competition



28th February 2018

Additional information:

SSLP Street Photography Competition

This photography competition exclusively for SSLP Students is underway.  The theme for February has been announced as “Number” – Good luck to all registered pupils!  Follow sslp.street.photocomp on instagram to see all the pictures so far.

Students have been invited to submit one photograph a month on a set theme to be in with a chance of winning an Amazon Voucher, the theme for January was “Street Furniture”.  All entries are shown below, the winner will be announced shortly.

The competition will run monthly January to May with a prize for the best overall picture and also the best portfolio of work.

1 – submissions to ARRIVE by email to
2 – dates for each submission will be 28th of the month
3 – winners will be announced around the 5th of the month
4 – photographs will be posted on the SSLP website

The aim of this Competition is for pupils in SSLP schools to take a series of five photographs over the course of the spring and summer terms (January through to May) and to submit one each month. Each month’s submitted photograph will be based on a theme; such as ‘Behind Glass’ or ‘In the Rain’. There will be a winning photograph each month (Amazon Voucher) and prizes of a Mini Photo Printer for the best Photograph overall and for the best Portfolio of work. We plan to exhibit the photographs online and at a local venue.

Some things to consider:
It is important to have fun with your camera but do take care and look after your equipment. Many street photographers choose to use a compact camera as they are smaller, lighter and more
discreet. You may also find it easier at times to use your camera from hip height in order to be more inconspicuous’. Remember to explain to people what you are doing if you are asked.

The photographs will be judged by:
Roxana Halls – Local artist
Chantel Gilou – Art & photography Teacher at JAGS
Jo Paul Wallace – Experienced street photographer.

Students from SSLP schools were able to register their interest by emailing
They should have provided an:

  • email address,
  • their name,
  • school and
  • year group.