The Advocacy Academy


The Advocacy Academy


10th February 2019

Additional information:

The Advocacy Academy runs a trans-formational sixth-month Fellowship programme that exists to unleash the power of young people in South London to create a fair, just and equitable society.

The programme is now open to applications from anyone who:
is starting upper sixth form in September 2019,
lives in South London,
has some lived experience of struggle,
cares about social justice,
is available on all fellowship dates below, and
is interested.

The deadline for applications is 10th February with interviews in the week commencing 18th February.

The important fellowship dates are:
Summer 19-30th August
Autumn 20-24th October
Winter 20-23 December
Friday evenings September 6th to December 13th
Graduation 9th January

Get in touch with Josh Pugh (TAA Recruitment Director) to find out more and to judge whether this is a possible opportunity for any of your students.