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21st December 2018

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Introducing Theatre of Debate

How do you catch and hold the attention of restless teenagers?
How do you explain the ethical dilemmas that affect our daily lives?

Theatre of Debate Live consists of a play, a debate and teacher’s resources.  The plays have been specially commissioned and developed to compliment the curriculum, whilst at the same time challenging and engaging students in social, moral and ethical issues.

Theatre of Debate Digital consists of a filmed version of the play, in order to reduce costs, as well as lesson plans and other resources.  This package costs from as little as £59.99 and can be adapted to fit you existing timetable.

Films Available from September

People Like Us
(Theme: Young Carers)

(Theme: Obesity, Diabetes, Healthy Diet, Behaviour Change, Foodbanks)

Mind the Gap
(Theme: Brain Research, Smart Drugs, Alzheimer’s Disease, PTSD, Neuroethics, Mental Wellbeing)

People are Messy
(Theme: Medical Research, Long-term Illness, Grief)

Stunted Trees and Broken Bridges
(Theme: Neurotechnologies, Free Will, Neuroethics, Mental Wellbeing)

(Theme: Genetically Personalised Medical Treatments, Genetic Selection/Screening, Inherited Genetic Disorders)

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