Ancient Greek

Ancient Greek

Date of past event:

3rd October 2018


Beginner’s Course in Ancient Greek
It’s not too late for SSLP students to join this exclusive club.

This is an intellectual and linguistic challenge that can open the door to western culture! SSLP students can get a certificate if they complete the year’s course and will have a good grounding if they wanted to take it further in the future.

This club runs weekly on Wednesdays from 4.15-5:15pm, and is suitable for ANY secondary school student in Year 9 or above wanting to learn the basics of the Ancient Greek language and will last for the academic year.

The aim is to offer a grounding in ancient Greek grammar and vocabulary with just a very little about the culture. The content will align with Common Entrance Level 1, proving a foundation in the language and an idea of what studying it entails.

SSLP Links should contact Sarah Harrison with names of interested pupils, and any information about what they have done in Classics previously (previous knowledge is not a prerequisite).