Aspire to Engineer Challenge

Date of past event:

14th December 2018


Aspire to Engineer: The Genetic Engineering Challenge

A competition to win a free experience with the Natural History Museum – Schools STEM Challenge

The latest Aspire to Engineer challenge launched on 23rd September. This time young people were enthused to discover the fascinating world of genetic engineering and inspired by the possibilities of STEM.

A free digital resource pack, filmed interviews with scientists, and a BBC radio discussion on genetic engineering was available for schools to engage with the challenge.

The challenge was open to students aged between 8 – 16. Schools across the UK were invited to take part and STEM clubs were welcome. Entry closed on 14 December 2018.

The competition hoped to see students inspiring their classmates to discover the possibilities of genetic engineering through an exciting presentation. The winning school will receive a fantastic prize offered by the Natural History Museum, and runners up will win a video call with a world-renowned scientist.

To receive full information about the challenge, simply send an email to: or view the competition website: