Geography CPD

Date of past event:

2nd July 2019


Geography CPD with David Holmes
Tuesday 2nd July 2019
JAGS, 9:15am – 3:30pm

David Holmes provided the much requested Geography CPD on behalf of the The Southwark Schools Learning Partnership. 

David designed a programme that helped Geography teachers develop strategies that will improve their teaching whether that be AQA or Edexcel, GCSE or A-Level, so there was something relevant for everyone.

GCSE Geography Examiners Reports from the first reformed exams in 2018 indicated a number of challenges. These were often concerned with language and accessibility, problems with skills (cartography, numeracy and geo-spatial) and also the challenges of managing and preparing for fieldwork.

These ideas formed the focus for our CPD day which was divided into three main sections:

Improving Literacy, based on ideas from Isabel Beck and Alex Quigley

Here we used a range of tools to help support learners with their writing, confidence and comprehension as well as looking at item-level data that shows where particular challenges and hurdles can be found. 

Developing geographical thinking skills – maps, photos, resources etc

Practical ideas to support geographical thinking, using a mastery flow model approach to help embed concepts. 

Improving fieldwork opportunities and outcomes for both GCSE and GCE

This session provided an opportunity to share ideas around fieldwork, locations, techniques as well as how to make the whole experience “work” for the exam.

We offered a date in this academic year so that teachers can plan their scheme of learning for next year, whether that be in their own departments or with contacts made at this session. This training was only available to teachers looking to remain at their school next year.

The day was suitable for teachers of any GCSE geography specification, with examples and pieces of work used from a range of specifications including AQA, Edexcel and OCR.