SSLP Links Meeting

Date of past event:

27th September 2018


Hosted at the Charter School North Dulwich
Chaired by Catherine May

Catherine opened the meeting with apologies received and a review of the minutes from our July meeting.

We then reviewed membership for 2018/19, noting that some schools were still to return their signed membership forms. Queen’s College London are hoping to join the SSLP and are already offering up opportunities for partnership working. Dulwich Prep have been invited to take an Observer status as their students would miss out on many of the opportunities available to older students. However this might be an opportunity to consider a Junior SSLP.

The agenda for the launch was shared with the group, so that all present were in an informed position when guests start to arrive from 4pm. It was noted that there was less subject-focused networking this year and we added an additional breakout table for NQTs.

As a group we discussed potential activities for 2018/19, and agreed that if the meeting supports an event then SSLP Links have a commitment to promote it within their schools. Potential activities for 2018/19 included SSLP Athletics, SSLP Creative Hub termly lectures, SSLP Pedagogy, and SSLP Concert and development of the Student Forum.