SSLP Links Meeting

Date of past event:

10th January 2018


Link Teachers’ Meeting – 10th January 2018
St Michael’s Catholic College, 16:30 – 18:00

Catherine May, Co-Director of the SSLP and head teacher at St Saviour’s and St Olave’s welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked St Michael’s Catholic College for hosting the two meetings (one for staff and one for students).  She was joined by representatives from Alleyn’s School, Ark Globe Academy, Charter School, City Heights, City of London Academy, Dulwich College, JAGS, St Michael’s Catholic College, St Saviour’s and St Olave’s, and Westminster City School.

Apologies were received from St Thomas Apostle College and UAE Southbank. Joe Spence, SSLP co-director and Master of Dulwich College co-facilitated the student session running concurrently.  Katie Barretta, SSLP Co-ordinator was also present to take minutes.

The minutes of the last meeting (10 October 2017) were recorded as accurate with no amendments.  The only action from the meeting not addressed later in the meeting was in regards to a planned event for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs); was shelved due to lack of interest, NQTs have been offered, but not requested, further support at this time.

The guest speaker for this meeting was Isabel Mortimer representing .  Isabel led us through a brief exercise to consider an inspirational person in each of our lives.  She then discussed with the group further the themes of Inspiration and Comfort Zones, and how these can be used to encourage learning.  The Be the Best you can Be programme is an Ofsted advocated educational programme to raise the aspirations and self-confidence of students.  Schools can participate in year groups or as whole schools, and can purchase full or half day workshops that involve inspirational speakers.

We then took a look at the events we have already run this academic year.  We record this on a spreadsheet within the shared Google Drive, keeping it up to date so that it is useful for teachers who have to report back formally or informally on their work with SSLP.  This year we have also begun to collect feedback from event organisers, this data is also available to SSLP link teachers.

There are many events already planned for the rest of 2017/18 academic year which are stored on the spreadsheet and publicly listed on the website.  We focused on five upcoming events:

Street Photography Competition

Organised by Robert Wallace of JAGS, students have been encouraged to sign-up for a new SSLP initiative which will see photographs taken and submitted every month for five months.  Monthly prizes and an overall winner will be announced.

Art & Photography Exhibition

Coordinated by St Saviour’s & St Olave’s all SSLP schools have the chance of submitting the best of their Art work to Art Bermondsey Project Space. Schools need to register their intention to take part – all will have exhibition space in June, with judges awarding prizes to the best work.

Back to School Day

This is an opportunity for less privileged students to meet a network of professionals who may be able to help with future careers and inspiration.  Places are being offered FREE to students from SSLP schools.  Sunday 21st January 2018.

God & the Big Bang

Hosted at St Saviour’s & St Olave’s SSLP 6th form students are invited to this conference organised by the Manchester Diocese exploring how God and Science can co-exist.  Tuesday 20th February.

Spanish with Maths / Science

Organised by City Heights two KS3 students are invited from all SSLP schools to participate in a cross-curriculum event that will see inter-school groups presenting either Maths or Science challenges in Spanish. Thursday 1st March.

At our last meeting we agreed to organise a Chief Examiners session for languages and a formal process for departmental reviews, both of these are still priorities and will be progressed over the coming weeks.  Ark Globe Academy shared that they have good access to support for new teaching and marking practices through the Ark network and offered to share this via departmental heads upon request.

It was agreed that we would have an extra meeting in June to plan the SSLP Launch in September.  This will give focus to the event and allow a better experience for teachers, as well as giving a platform for showcasing SSLP work.

We were reminded that the JASSPA theatre project had offered scholarships to SSLP students towards the end of last year.  They will be performing this weekend and have invited senior leaders of schools with students who are part of the company to attend.

We agreed that all schools lucky enough to have a pupil selected for the August CERN trip were happy to use Alleyn’s off-site forms and policies as per previous years and that schools will provide emergency contact details as the trip takes place during school holidays.

It was suggested that towards the start of the autumn term all schools inform SSLP if they have any Oxbridge or Medical School applicants who would benefit from mock interviews and coaching.  Schools could also share their capacity to offer support and a coordinated approach could then be put in place to ensure all are supported fairly without over-burdening one school.

All SSLP pupils were invited to the series of Big Ideas Lectures/talks/workshops.  They are mostly on a Tuesday at 3:45 pm at St Michael’s Catholic College and pupils can attend as many or as few as they like.

Catherine May thanked everyone for their participation and closed the meeting.