Outward Bound Canada – Stuart Horne Bursary

Date of past event:

1st August 2017


In 2017 we had four (4) youth spots available via the full bursary programme.

All SSLP schools were invited to encourage their students to apply.  We were looking for pupils who demonstrated fantastic leadership abilities that would be nurtured and developed on a 17-21 day wilderness adventure in Canada.  The only criteria was that the student would not normally have the resources or opportunity to take advantage of such an opportunity.

The attached 2017 Stuart Horne Bursary – Info for Support Organizations document holds more information about the bursary.

Students completed the SSLP 2017 Stuart Horne Bursary Application with their parents/gaurdians consent and submitted to their school.

Each school considered the applications they receives and submitted to admin@sslp.education the one(s) they felt were the strongest candidates for one of the four bursary spots by close of play on Tuesday 7th February.

A cross-school working group then considered the applications and interviewed some of the candidates.  This working group then selected the four to be offered bursary slots.

After the trip the students submitted reports:
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