Overseas Uni Fair

Date of past event:

9th May 2019


On the afternoon of Thursday 9th May in the Lord George Building Common Room, Dulwich College hosted universities from a range of countries, including the USA, Canada, Spain, Switzerland and France. 

Vanderbilt University, which ranks in the top 10 most competitive universities in the US, with world leading programmes in Engineering, Economics, Politics, Philosophy, Psychology, Biology and Music, as well as being a top sporting university, lead workshops on Making Applications to the US Competitive, Scholarships and Financial Aid and Sport in the US during the school afternoon from 1.30 to 4

After school, from 4 to 6, there was a mini-fair featuring a range of North American and European Universities. Many of these are specialist universities who are top in their field, from Business (Hult and ESCP), Art (Savannah College of Art and Design), Hotel School (Scion and Les Roches), as well as schools offering a broader education, such as Vanderbilt, or IE University in Spain. 

This fair gave an informal opportunity to discover some of the alternative options to a UK education. 

Jonathan Ratnasabapathy 
Overseas Universities Coordinator

Overseas University Fair (DC)