RSC Chemistry CPD

Date of past event:

9th July 2019


Westminster City School hosted THREE Chemistry CPD training days in association with the Royal Society of Chemistry in June and July between 4-6:30pm. The focus was on GCSE content and was absolutely FREE.

Developing Expertise in Analytical Chemistry
Tuesday 11th June 2019

Analytical chemistry is an important area of chemistry as it provides us with techniques and methods for identifying what something is. These techniques include distillation, chromatography, various chemical tests. This course will help you develop your understanding of the key concepts of analytical chemistry, and ability to identify and address common misconceptions students have.

Developing Expertise in teaching Carbon Chemistry
Tuesday 25th June 2019

The focus throughout this course is on developing an understanding of simple carbon chemistry. In this course molecular models are used to help participants make the link between teaching and learning activities, and the underlying chemistry (ie, to reinforce understanding). At each stage, participants are encouraged to assess the strengths and limitations of the models used so as to avoid further misconceptions arising at a later stage. You will be provided with the opportunity to explore underlying chemical concepts and using models to reinforce ideas; explore the chemical industry in a little more depth as an alternative approach, looking at green chemistry, as well as emphasise the versatile nature of carbon such as graphene and its future applications.

Developing Expertise in teaching Materials Chemistry
Tuesday 9th July 2019

Materials chemistry is the study of all the materials we see in the world around us. From the clothes we wear and the dinner plates we eat off to the new technologies used in sports, medicines and computing. This course will develop your understanding of the key concepts of materials chemistry, such as how natural materials can be improved; how synthetic and smart materials can be created to suit our modern-day needs; or how we can manage resources is a sustainable way. The course will also help you in identifying common misconceptions and concepts in materials chemistry students struggle with, and how to address them.