Spanish Interns

Date of past event:

31st December 2017


Free Spanish language interns

The UCV (catholic University of Valencia) placed a number of Spanish students under the Erasmus+ scheme. SSLP Schools welcomed them as interns and used them to help with (amongst other things) Year 11 oral work and remedial grammar. They each provided 17.5 hours a week.

The most popular slot was from January to March with a further slot later in the year. They often offered other subjects as well – this year there will be students with an interest in PE and sport.

Students are those completing a Master’s in secondary Education (the Spanish equivalent of a PGCE course). We have found the students to be excellent over a number of years and some schools make job offers.

  • Funding is through Erasmus Plus
  • Usually 2 month duration – 17.5 hours a week
  • Arrive mid-January 2017
  • Totally free – but they need a free lunch!
  • 4 secondary / 6 primary interns