SSLP Links & Heads Meeting (July 2017) & End of Year Dinner

Date of past event:

3rd July 2017


Link Teachers Meeting – 3rd July 2017
Dulwich College

Representatives from nine of the ten SSLP schools were welcomed to tonight’s meeting by Grainne Grabowski, who also thanked Dulwich College for hosting the meeting, providing refreshments and inviting all to a celebratory meal when the meeting closed.

The minutes of the last meeting (March 2017) were acknowledged by those in attendance as an accurate record of the meeting and no amendments were requested.

City of London Academy expressed gratitude again for the Faculty Reviews that have been undertaken on four departments during 2016/17.  The SSLP will look to establish a formal SSLP faculty review system with support from the Southwark Teaching Schools Alliance (STSA).

Two quotes were obtained for the development of the website but the approaches and costs differed so wildly that a timely decision could not be made.

 The meeting discussed in pairs the events held in 2016/17.  The feedback to the room gave particular praise for God and The Big Bang, and Glee Day for the students; and the EPQ Discussion and English CPD for teachers.  The group stressed that the enrichment opportunities beyond events added a real depth to the partnership and to the learning experience. Also the diversity of collective opportunities for UCAS and further education, including alumni events, was incredibly inspiring for students.

The challenges for running a successful event remain predominately associated with the geography of the borough; as the partnership grows we might find a natural leaning to North and South hubs.

The aim for next year will be to increase the number of events for younger year groups, increase staff events and departmental support and to start collecting feedback after events.

Each school is being asked to show off their unique character and specialism in 2017/18 by hosting an interactive event for either teachers or students; either on their own or in partnership with another school.  The idea is to generate a full interactive programme of activities across the year.

A membership agreement was shared earlier this year, all comments have been incorporated.  The key commitments for partnership are

  • To host a formal SSLP meeting at least once every two years,
  • To open up one school event per year to the partnership,
  • To engage at a senior level

The meeting was notified by the Chairperson that the membership fee for 2017/18 would remain £1,000.

The guest speaker for the 2017/18 re-launch on 27 September 2017 at St Saviour’s & St Olave’s is still to be decided.  The meeting was supportive of inviting Baroness Chakrabarti.

Schools were reminded that a Student Link Committee would be formed next year to meet at the same time and place as the School Links.  Google education has been set up for use next year.  Logins will be provided for Heads, Links, Teachers and Students with shared drives and classrooms available.  This allows a shared working space as has been previously requested.

Thanks was offered to everyone who has contributed to the SSLP in 2016/17 – a year when the partnership has really begun to gather strength.  A special thank you was offered to Grainne Grawbowski as she stepped down from her position as co-director.

Following the meeting participants retired for a celebratory meal. The Guest for the evening was Susie Nicklin from Dulwich Books and founder of Dulwich Literacy Festival.  Susie spoke passionately about the importance of books and reading in education and expressed a desire to bring literature opportunities to schools across the borough next year.