SSLP Re-Launch 2018

Date of past event:

27th September 2018


“one of the most significant schools partnerships operating in England”. Lord Agnew We were well hosted by The Charter School North Dulwich for the 2018/19 launch of SSLP, and offer our sincere thanks to Christian Hicks, Headteacher, and his excellent team. Christian welcomed us to his school, where “the sun always shines”, before Catherine May, Co-director of SSLP and Headteacher of St Saviour’s & St Olave’s, introduced the SSLP “The success of the Southwark Schools Learning Partnership is based on the fact that it is a partnership of equals; the state and independent schools of the partnership – and their leaders, teachers and pupils – give to and take from the Partnership in equal measure. Each year we have been delighted to witness first-hand a growing number of successful SSLP connections between pupils and teachers”. Lord Agnew, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the school system, spoke on the Value of School Partnerships. He declared that SSLP is “one of the most significant schools partnerships operating in England”. Lord Agnew went on to say “We know that many independent and state schools are already engaged in effective and impactful partnerships, and Southwark has been a shining light for others to follow. The partnership has made a tangible impact to the lives of hundreds of pupils and I want to thank those who have made that happen. I do though want to see more partnerships like this one, partnerships that support disadvantaged children and improve the life chances of our young people.” Dr Joe Spence, Co-Director of SSLP and the Master of Dulwich College, thanked Lord Agnew for his recognition of our 14-years partnership. “Our coming together opened up more than 100 opportunities with immediate tangible benefits for our pupils and teachers alike over the course of the last academic year, and we expect to see the same number of opportunities provided over the year ahead. We are proud to see the SSLP as a body making a powerful investment in the future of young people in and around Southwark.” Robert Wallace, from James Allen’s Girls’ School, then awarded Luke from Dulwich College with a digital printer for winning Best Portfolio in the SSLP Street Photography competition, and we acknowledged Charlotte from City of London Academy, in her absence for her entry which won Best Overall Photograph. Two students then shared with the room their SSLP experiences. Scarlet from the Charter School North Dulwich read beautifully her story ‘Winter Heat‘, which was entered in the SSLP 500 word Short Story Competition, Winter, and judged by Ali Smith. She was followed by Rebecca from Westminster City School who told us a little about the awarding of a Stuart Horne Bursary, and how it had led her on a journey of self-discovery in Canada whilst on an outward bound leadership course. In a final reflection Yoan Graignic, teacher at the Charter School North School, eloquently expressed his appreciation of attending multi-school CPD with peers from seven different schools. Sir David Carter, National Schools Commissioner (Feb 2016 – Aug 2018) gave us his views on how school partnerships can support social mobility. “Collaboration does not happen by accident. It takes a lot of hard work and leadership in order for it to make any form of impact. I see there being 5 conditions that underpin successful collaborative partnerships. 1. clear set of agreed goals about the intended outcome and timescale of the collaboration-PURPOSE 2. recognition that giving and receiving is expected of all partners-MUTUALITY 3. an understanding that practice might need to change even if it is not a performance issue (yet)-CHANGE 4. a clear timescale for the collaboration to deliver its objectives-PACE 5. an opportunity cost in terms of finance, resources and time-PRIORITISATION” The speeches concluded with two teachers introducing us to two new events taking place in 2018/19. Patrick Whibley, Dulwich College, told us about an opportunity for collective pedagogy which would begin in November; whilst Rebecca Naish, Ark Globe Academy, told us about an SSLP Athletics competition making use of world-class facilities at Lee Valley. After giving thanks to all speakers attendees were encouraged to find out more about a range of SSLP proposed activities by attending breakout tables spread around the room. The room was charged with a buzzing energy whilst teachers shared their ideas, skills and contact detail. Feedback attendees “Excellent – Good to have a better overview of SSLP and an opportunity to discuss.” “Great Speakers” “A really exciting start to 2018/19”