SSLP Student Forum

Date of past event:

10th January 2018


Headline Observations from the Facilitator:

The energy and engagement with which the students who attended the Forum approached
the session was remarkable, and bodes well for this group’s work in the future. Despite being
held at the end of a full school day, the students embraced both the opportunity to interact
with students from other SSLP schools, and the challenge of thinking creatively about how
their schools might work together more meaningfully. A clear sense of a team dynamic was
established, even though the session was only 90 minutes in length. The students appeared
eager to seize the opportunity of being part of a Pupils’ Forum, and to continue the
momentum which was established during their inaugural meeting.

A number of themes emerged during the workshop, including:
• There was a real appetite for the Forum to meet regularly (half-termly meetings
were suggested) and in person, rather than via Skype;
• There was a preference for the Forum to be comprised of a regular group of
members, so that they could get to know each other and develop a sense of
momentum as a group;
• There was definite interest in the possibility of collaborating on a partnershipwide
project, such as supporting a charity working in the Southwark area – further
feedback from the students in this regard follows below under Student Outputs 5;
• There is scope for the students – both those in the Forum but also beyond – to
learn more about the work the SSLP has done to date, and what it plans to do
in the future. The students came up with a number of ideas for collaboration that I
understand are already underway (such as teachers collaborating regarding sharing
best practice, and the sharing of facilities) which indicated that the students would
benefit from learning more about the SSLP’s current work.

SSLP Pupils’ Forum Report – Jan 2018