Teen Mental Health in an Online World

Date of past event:

28th March 2019


Teen Mental Health in an Online World
Supporting Young People around their Use of Social Media, Apps, Gaming, Texting and the Rest
Thursday 28th March, 7pm
Social media and technology can be a force for good in young people’s lives, but it also has the potential to be damaging to their mental health. How can adults engage with teens’ online lives in order to support their mental health? 

Bell House and Mind Foundation are collaborating over this year to co-host a series of events focused on how adults can support children and young people to flourish. This first event saw Dr Victoria Bretton and Dr James Woolard talking about the findings in their book ‘Teen Mental Health in an Online World’. They offered their insights on how adults can engage with teens’ online lives to support their mental health and will also explore some of the latest research insights into this topic.

Their talk drew on interviews they carried out with young people about how adults can have open and inquiring conversations with teens about both the positive and negative aspects of their use of online spaces. At the end of the evening we heard first hand from some young people about their thoughts on the topics and their responses to the key messages that Victoria and James offer.

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