2016 Upper School Symposium

Upper School Symposium

Date of past event:

5th October 2017


On October 5th Dulwich College held its annual Upper School Symposium. This year, the theme was ‘Uncertainty’.  They welcomed sixth-formers from SSLP schools to the afternoon session, where they were able to attend one of a range of science, art and humanities seminars.

“A group of my fellow Year 12 students were kindly invited by Dulwich College to attend a symposium on different scientific disciplines. We arrived in the afternoon where we were greeted by the headmaster and taken by a senior member of staff to the hall where we ate a delicious buffet and conversed with numerous students. Then we were directed to our respective lecture by Dr Sarah Garfinkel on the ‘Body and the Brain’. The lecture was extremely intriguing where we learnt that our ‘gut instinct’ is an intuitive thing. For example, we make more accurate decisions in between our heartbeats and studies showed that people remembered words better when told in between their heartbeats. She also showed a snippet of a documentary she was a part of, conducting such studies about the connections between our brains and our hearts. The man was shown flashing images of people conveying emotions out of and in sync with his heartbeats during a MRI scan. The results showed that the man felt faces showed in between his heartbeats were more scared and he felt concerned. These were only a few of the interesting things that was discussed by Dr Garfinkel. As a successful neuroscientist, we were honoured to have had this opportunity with her and thanked Dulwich College for their amazing hospitality. I would also like to thank my school for organising such an event for us.”  St Thomas Apostle College student.