SSLP Friends

This is a new page on the SSLP website. We will be listing here organisations that offer our Partner schools fantastic opportunities. They are listed in alphabetical order. If you make contact be sure to mention you are from the SSLP.

Creative Dimensions

The Creative Dimension Trust is a charity that organises Craft Workshops for 14-18 year olds who love working with their hands. The fully-funded workshops are taught by some of the world’s leading craft specialists, who want to inspire the next generation.

In discovering new techniques, workshop students build the confidence needed to pursue a career where core hand skills are required.  The skills are manual dexterity, draughtsmanship, and an understanding of 3D structures.

The Creative Dimension is socially inclusive and at least 80% of participants are selected from schools located in areas of social/economic deprivation or geographic isolation.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

Dulwich Picture Gallery is really keen to be involved in opportunities that support Southwark students. Predominantly, it’s our curriculum linked schools session at the gallery ( that we can offer, though we often work on specific projects with schools where we can get outside funding. We also provide teacher training or INSET days ( ) and we are keen to support not only Art learning, but also History and Architecture.

If any of the SSLP schools would like any more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Horniman Museum & Gardens

Bring your topic to life with the Horniman’s hands-on curriculum-linked sessions:

Aquarium, Animals, Seasonal Art, Minbeasts, Garden Explorer… and many more!

Toys around the World, Plants & People, Make & Take a Puppet, Around Africa, Animals & their Habitats… and many more!

Ancient Benin, Evidence for Evolution, Musical Instruments around the World, Ancient Egypt, Prehistoric Britain, Seed Journeys… and many more!

Masks around the World, Gamelan, Fashion and Identity, World Music, museum Sketchbook… and many more!

The Horniman Museum offers sensory sessions or can tailor workshops to your students’ needs.

For more information and resources contact them or visit their website


Mark Evison Foundation

The Mark Evison Foundation (MEF) was established to celebrate the life of Lieutenant Mark Evison, who was tragically killed whilst serving in Afghanistan in 2009. He was a notably adventurous young man, and the Foundation exists to encourage a similar sense of adventure in young people in London schools, by enabling them to undertake challenging projects of their own devising. They now work with Year 12 students in about 70 schools, and are seeking to increase this number during the 2018/19 school year.

When a school contacts MEF, they will arrange to come in for an initial Year 12 assembly and then a number of follow-up sessions. Students who show an interest after the assembly will be introduced to the application process in the first session, and then helped to produce their plans in the subsequent meetings. At the final judging session, students have to present their projects for approval. Students are hoping to complete the whole process during the course of one term so as not to lose momentum. The students choose, plan and carry out their projects themselves, without adult supervision or help. The projects can be physical, creative or technical in nature – all that is insisted on is that they are genuinely challenging and also practical and safe. To gain an award (of up to £500), students have to produce effective plans, detailed budgets and sensible risk-assessments. This is a challenge in itself, but ensures that the projects themselves are likely to be viable.

MEF are very much aware of the time pressure affecting busy teachers. They try to minimise the demands we make on them by communicating with the students direct and running all the sessions ourselves.

Feed-back from students who have carried out projects and their teachers is overwhelmingly positive, with many saying that they have had a life-changing experience. The qualities required, grit, resilience, team-work, leadership, perseverance, are much heralded currently, but not always encouraged by the risk-averse environment in which we live.

Please take a few minutes to visit the web-site ( Click on the pictures on the front page, and you can read the students’ accounts of their adventures.

Southwark Teaching School Alliance

Southwark Teaching School Alliance (STSA) are focused on getting evidence about what works into the hands of teachers and leaders and supporting them to use this evidence in their day-to-day practice. They believe that this bridging of research and practice will help to make a positive difference to the learning and wellbeing of pupils.

 In 2017/18 STSA supported over 50 teachers and leaders through a variety of face-to-face sessions, in-class support and peer coaching and feedback. Feedback on our programmes in 2017/18 was universally positive, with all sessions receiving average feedback scores of above 8/10.

In order to achieve this success, they rely on stakeholders from within the alliance both getting involved in decision-making around our professional development offer, and using their expertise to design and lead much of the professional development they offer.

They welcome participants from Southwark and beyond, and would encourage you not just to sign up for a programme, but to join us as members, and take a part in shaping and leading their work to improve the life chances for all pupils in your care.

Visit the STSA website ( for the latest prospectus